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Fire safety systems protecting people & critical assets while minimizing business interruption.

Detection Systems

Detection systems include advanced technologies and are designed to discover the existence of smoke, heat, gases or leaks, which otherwise may not be seen. Detection systems provide advanced warning to safeguard people, facilities and assets.

Air Sampling Detection

Advanced Fire designs, installs and services air sampling equipment that detects particles at every stage of the combustion cycle prior to smoke visibility then generates early warning signals that afford companies valuable time to prevent serious fire loss.

We install air sampling detection systems and products including Kidde, Vesda, FAAST, and SAFE.

Air Sampling Detection system
Linear Heat Detection

Linear heat detection systems installed by Advanced Fire are designed to monitor cabling and wiring for ‘heat created’ fault conditions along their path, detect open circuits or fault conditions, then signal an alarm condition to an intelligent control device.

The new SAFE Thermo cable Linear Heat Detection systems can detect faults up to 10,000 linear feet per zone.

We install linear heat detection systems manufactured by SAFE, Kidde, FAAST, and Fike.

Applications of linear heat detection systems may include:
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Cabling & wiring trays
  • Conveyor belt systems
  • Power station transformers
  • Generators & bag houses
  • Tank storage facilities

Gas Detection

Advanced Fire designs and installs systems that detect and monitor combustible and toxic gases as well as oxygen. Gas detection products provide reliable continuous monitoring of dangerous gas concentrations for hazardous areas. They can be used independently or linked into an overall process control system.

Leak Detection

Leaking fluids cause problems and may pose safety hazards. Leak detection systems installed by Advanced Fire can detect the presence of liquids, water, chemicals or fuel. Linear water leak detectors can tell you where it has detected the leak making it easy to find the source.

Application examples:
  • Basements
  • Any water based process or application
  • Computer room subfloors

Smoke, heat, gas and leak detection systems installed by Advanced Fire.
For more information about smoke, heat, gas, or leak detection system design and installation, please contact us today.

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