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Fire safety systems protecting people & critical assets while minimizing business interruption.

Fire Safety Manufacturers & Brands

Advanced Fire designs, engineers, installs and services high level fire safety, detection and suppression systems.
Please review the information below for an overview of the manufacturers and brands offered and installed by Advanced Fire, Inc.

FAAST - fire alarm aspiration sensing technology

The FAAST (Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology®) series is a line of aspirating smoke detectors that draw air into a patented, high-sensitivity smoke-sensing chamber through a pipe network. This enables delivery of highly accurate fire detection.

Fike - a leader in fire suppression equipment and systems
A leader in the fire suppression market since 1960, Fike offers a full range of fire suppression for industrial, commercial, and special hazard applications. Fike’s protection systems are effective, easy to use, and safe for people, key assets, facilities and the environment. Fike also offers fire detection and control solutions, utilizing innovative technologies to protect business critical assets and provide early warning detection.

Kidde-Fenwal - providing total system solutions for special hazard fire protection
Kidde Fire Systems, a leader in providing total system solutions for special hazard fire protection, offers a comprehensive portfolio of detection, notification, suppression and control products that can be tailored to fit specific applications. Solutions include clean agent suppression systems, suppression control units and smoke/heat detectors. For more than 60 years, they have helped customers conduct “business as usual”, without loss of people, operating time, corporate assets or property due to fire.

SAFE - providing fire, smoke, heat and water detection systems

Safe Fire Detection, Inc. is the innovator in providing new state of the art detection products, which safeguard facilities around the world from loss due to fire, smoke, heat, and water. Safe has built its reputation on outstanding engineered detection solutions. They combine extensive industry knowledge with solid technical expertise to help clients safeguard their assets.

VESDA - aspiriating smoke detection systems used for early warning applications

VESDA Systems are aspirating smoke detection used for early warning applications where response to a fire is critical. The VESDA product has a range of options.

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