Clean Agent Fire Suppression

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Fire safety systems protecting people & critical assets while minimizing business interruption.

Testing and Controls


Once a clean agent fire suppression system is installed, a fan pressurization test is performed. Advanced Fire testing systems include room integrity testing, which pinpoints leaks and provides valuable data, enabling rooms to be measured in terms of integrity compliance. Testing systems also assist in the sealing of rooms so suppression systems can act reliably and efficiently, when needed.

Upon completion of a system, a full functional test of the central systems, shutdowns and signaling to a remote site is performed. These tests are also performed on a scheduled, regular basis.

Intelligent Control Panels

Many facilities benefit from computerized, digital monitoring and management panels designed to work in conjunction with high-level fire alarm, fire suppression and detection systems. Advanced Fire installs control panels manufactured by Kidde, Fike, FAAST and SAFE. These computerized control panels work in conjunction with high level fire alarm, fire suppression and detection systems.

Supervisory Control Panels for Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

Digital panels are designed to control and monitor water flow within Pre-Action Systems in order to minimize the damage to critical assets. In addition, these control systems ensure water is delivered when it is actually needed, not in ‘false, non-fire’ situations.

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